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I’d expected something better out of Chillingo, which brought out the famous Vector Tanks. However, Hypercube, with a supposedly good concept should have come out has a great game, and has become a great letdown.

hypercube-120-meters-of-programmHypercube puts you in control of a gelatinous cube, which moves corresponding to gravity, which means you have to turn the iPhone around  and rotate it to change the direction of gravity and take the cube to its destination. In short, Hypercube is a ’tilt-and-spin’ game where you direct gravity to get the cube to its destination. In the middle of the levels there are many special blocks, keys to locked doors and everything else you could have imagined! If you don’t like Hypercube you can always play other cube games that are similar and with better graphics.

The first thing that struck me as bad about the game was the first thing that would be noticeable about any game – the visuals.

Most of the levels have a spacey background, which does not look good against the cube and the blocks in the game.

HyperCubeRender2.pnga0062e77-221e-4001-b193-cdb0e5e7fa54OriginalFor a game like this, I expected an ability to zoom out to have an overview of the whole level. However, your view is just confined to where the cube is, which means you have to wander around aimlessly, grab some keys, open some doors and go to a gazillion places without even knowing where you are going. This is a major drawback, something that sets the game far behind how good it should have been, and could be the only reason why I dislike this game so much. Still, you can play it but not for too long probably.


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Hungry Shark Evolution- the best way to entertain yourself

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Have you just got a new Android phone or tablet? If it is so, we assume that you are searching for the best free games for Android to have fun and “kill” boredom.You’re the lucky one, because there are so many games that you can find on the internet. Thousands of the games are just waiting for you to play it. There are so many games in the electronic world and question is how to find the most according to you and your taste. originalFirst of all, you should start from your own needs and then you will easy find what is the best is for you. If you are looking something adventurous and exciting then we have just what you need. One of the most interesting and certainly most played android games is definitely Hungry Shark Evolution.

If you haven’t played it up to know then you should definitely try it. Once you try it you will never stop playing it. It is very addicting stuff. It will help you to pass your time while you are traveling or waiting for somebody. In this way, you will entertain yourself while you are waiting. You can play it basically everywhere, in a train, plane etc. With this game you will never get bored.

Hungry-Shark-Evolution-hack-cheats-1It is very easy to play and it is very catchy. If you don’t like mobile phones you are going to love it just because this game. The best thing about this game is that it can really generate an unlimited number of coins and gems. Due to this fact, you can play your favorite game over and over again without charging. Yes, you heard it well. There is no  charge at all; you will play your game without a single dime. Purchase of the game that you want to play is history now.

After hearing this you will probably start thinking as a skeptic about the quality of the game. Don’t be one of them. Although there is no charge and purchase of the game there is nothing wrong with it.

If you want to play this very interesting game you should be aware of the importance of the gems. The more you collect them the better score you are going to get, and a sufficient number of them can lead you to the next level. Without that, you will be stuck on the same level and that can be really annoying. That is why I use hungry shark evolution hack 2016.

Due to sufficient amounts of coins, you will be able to get bigger sharks with bigger strength and to enjoy in the next adventures. The only thing is that those bigger sharks demand the bigger amounts of gems and coins. It is simply that their appetites grow.

Whether you just want to kill boredom or you want to practice your mind this is definitely the best solutions to entertain yourself in the free time. You will definitely not be disappointed. Besides the good action, you will enjoy the best possible graphics with all details the designers had prepared just for you.


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Reasons for and against playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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After proving successful in different areas of business, in June 2014 the first game created by Kim Kardashian’s idea was launched. It took only five days for the game to earn more than 1.5 million dollars and until today it has made Kim earn almost 200 million. unnamedThe opinions on the game are different and they go into extremes, from strong disapproval to the players being totally delighted, sharing printscreens on social networks and so on. With a strong effort to stay objective, we will give some reasons for and against playing these games, since there always are two sides to every story.

When it comes to the game’s good sides, it cannot be denied that a lot of effort was invested into its visual identity.kkfav The character each player creates can be a male or a female, and it is provided with different styles and items of clothing and accessories. The game is full of vivid colors and details, and as Kim herself once stated, she was the one that made sure that every detail is in its place. Another perk is that you can connect with your friends who play the game as well, so you can interact with them within the game and you can help each other out. If you are interested in finding out how the world of show business works, this game depicts it in quite a realistic manner (although not nearly as cruel as it can actually be). There are different kinds of tasks you need to perform in order to climb up the social ladder, and all sorts of situations you may find yourself in, whether positive or negative.

For the fans of Kim Kardashian, this game can be interesting because it shows some bits of her life, since it follows the events in it with regular updates.



The bad sides of the game are there as well, and they are not insignificant. First of all, even though the game is free for download, not many items are there which can be used for free, and many activities, clothing items and other things require you to have “stars”, which are very difficult to earn. The catch here is that the stars can be bought for real money, so that the players will need to pay for this additional item if they want to play successfully. Another bad thing is that everything you do requires a certain amount of energy points. Once you use them all up, you have to wait for an eternity for the energy to get renewed, or you can – you guess – buy the points for real money. So, even though the game is free in Google Store or Apple Store, you will probably have to buy at least something within it. If you don’t like to spend your money on the game, and you want all the benefits you should use Kim Kardashian cheat tool . Another thing to be mentioned here is time. All the tasks players are supposed to fulfill require at least an hour, and the time runs like in real life. You can finish the task sooner if you have the energy, but you are most likely to spend it all, so you will have to wait until it is renewed, without being able to do pretty much anything.

We will not go into a moral debate about this game’s story and the tactics you should use within it to get what you want. But from a practical side, it has some bad and good sides, and when you set your priorities and expectations from the game, you will be able to decide whether or not you think it is worth a shot.
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Reducing Carbon Emission

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Last Updated: 12/6/2016

The University has reduced its carbon emissions by 30.6 percent since 2007, putting it ahead of the schedule laid out in its 12-year plan, according to a sustainability progress report released earlier this semester.

“We’re supposed to be at 22 percent — we’re at 30.6, so that’s the good news,” said Christopher Powell, director of the Office of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Initiatives at Facilities Management. But “as you get through a program like this, it gets harder and harder to make your goals — you’ve already uncovered the more obvious efficiency work.”

eco-light-bulb_825003The January 2016 sustainability plan calls on the University for carbon emissions reduction by 42 percent by 2020.

The University switched fuel sources at its main heat plant early in the implementation of its plan, moving from fuel oil to natural gas. The University has also upgraded the lighting in 91 buildings and refitted thermostats and steam valves across campus. These changes have helped Brown decrease carbon emissions, but Powell said the next steps are going to be “long-term investments,” using “deeper technologies.”

Some of these potential technologies include processes that could reuse waste heat. A heat recovery chiller would take waste heat from a lab and convert it into thermal energy for the building, for example.


Heating and cooling labs at Brown account for almost half the energy use of the entire campus, Powell said.

“No matter how good we do at academic, administration buildings and dorms, if we don’t tackle the lab buildings we won’t get to that next level of greenhouse gas reduction,” Powell said.

Another future project might include putting solar panels on the roof of the Rockefeller Library, Powell added.

EmPOWER, Brown’s umbrella student environmental organization, has also been discussing the installation of solar panels on campus.

The group is evaluating Young Orchard and Perkins Hall, said Jeff Baum , a member of EmPOWER’s steering committee. These buildings have “pretty flat roofs and get tons of sun exposure,” Baum said.


But both Baum and Powell said technology alone will not solve the problem.

Along with new technology, community involvement is necessary to improve energy efficiency, Powell said. “When you talk to a lot of the climate scientists, they’re saying technology by itself can’t get you there. We have to change people’s behaviors.”

The Office of Sustainable Energy has initiated programs aimed at helping students understand how their actions impact carbon emissions, including a Main Green demonstration of how to turn down radiators, Powell said. “The radiators work now,” he said, so it is possible to control the temperature from inside instead of letting heat out through the window.


“I don’t think EmPOWER is involved with the last 12 percent — it’s high-level engineering stuff,” Baum said. But the group remains focused on community outreach and engaging the student body.

“You can engineer all you want — if people aren’t going to be smart about the way they use energy, that won’t make a difference,” because previous gains could be erased, he said.

Brown has the lowest energy use per square foot of any Ivy League school, Powell said, but Brown started its program of energy improvements earlier than peer institutions.

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